The Path You’ve Chosen – March, 2016

This is my mid-month Tarot guidance. Consider it a supplement to the March Astro-Tarot.

What a powerful time this is for you. You are the creator of all that lies before you. Life is giving birth to a new cycle and you are actually starting to think “I’ve got this!”. Yes, you do. The energy right now is very feminine and nurturing. Do not forget there is a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse in Libra on the 23rd. Lunar eclipses deal with feminine energies, so be prepared to see a female exit or enter your life. You may be inclined to find yourself singing the Elton John classic, ‘I’m Still Standing‘, as you prepare to scurry on down your path thinking how you dodged that bullet. Be prepared to achieve the changes you desire.

Weigh all situations carefully; do not poo-poo offers which come your way thinking you should hold off for something better. It is a time to take action and stay aware of positive, exciting changes available to you. You can creatively craft a new beginning for yourself by not allowing yourself to remain mired in situations which are way past their expiration date. You may need to take a political stance, not in government politics, but in everyday life. The idea of being politically correct in certain social circles will work to your advantage now.

You have certainly come a long way with respect to the views to your goals. Your focus to creating a more stable environment has led you to seek wise counsel to aid you in the chore of putting your life in order. You have a new picture of the life that you wish to live; this is what you are now trying to create. Prioritize and organize like never before. Maintain a healthy balance of emotions and a strong mental clarity to see you through this particular phase.

This part of your journey will play out over the next 6 months. There will be many changes along the way. Be generous toward those whose path you recognize as having been yours at one time, for they need your help. Show them unconditional love and pay it forward as you go. The pace will be picking up for you these next 6 months. You will receive the information and communication necessary to allow you to move forward at a more rapid pace. Do so with care; do not be reckless and remember to keep your most trusted allies close at hand.

Thanks in advance for your share!❤️

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