New Moon Full Solar Eclipse in Pisces – March 8, 2016 – 8:55PM EST

It would appear as though the cat is out of the bag. Surprise! Surpirse! You know you can not put the cat back in the bag, so do not waste your time trying. This Solar Eclipse in Pisces will bring with it some huge revelations and drastic changes. Remember, it is a New Moon and New Moons are all about new beginnings and projects. So, you better believe the Universe is conspiring to blast open some new doors for you in your attempts to reach your current goals. Perhaps, all of a sudden you actually realize you are going to be ok and that this very trying cycle in your life shows some signs of going away.

Finally, help arrives and you are flooded with information important to your change and your journey. You may feel like jumping for joy and singing ‘Eye of the Tiger’, or you may simply wish to pause after the long haul and rest. You will come to realize that you can effect the changes you have been needing and that soon you will be ready for that next, unknown part of your path which awaits you.

You have seen huge endings taking place in your life all around you. Now is the time for new beginnings with this Solar Eclipse. However, do not expect to immediately be where you want. There will be many changes in your life between now and June, so be prepared for an interesting three months ahead of you. Expect your routine to change and your beliefs to be stronger. You will definitely have more clarity as to how to organize your life and go about your changes, while making new plans for your future.

Time to work on you; wash away the nonsense in your life. This New Moon and its long-term effects bring in a renewal of faith in oneself, as well as faith in the Universe. In the past, you did not believe you would make it this far. Now that you have seen it happen with your own eyes, you have this wide-eyed sense of excitement and adventure. Past? What past? Yes, indeed your fresh start awaits you.

Your life appears to be playing out in three-month segments. So, keep a watchful eye on the changes in April, May and June. As you are at the tail end of June, entering July, you will enter a new phase which will play out over July, August and September. And in October, you will no longer be questioning the outcome, you will see it and know it.

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