Through the Eyes of Tarot – Venus in Pisces – March 12 through April 5, 2016

The time has come to put your issues to rest. By doing so, you are creating the freedom you have craved for so long. Finally, the Universe is serving up some justice which allows you to recover. You are tired and feeling as though you can breathe and relax now; this is nice, however, there is still much work to be done. Your new beginnings are right in front of you and approaching at a rapid pace. You need to trust in the information coming your way.

While there have been losses, it is important not to dwell on them. This is a time period where you can start to feel as though your life is no longer spiraling out of control and you are taking back your power. Work toward manifesting the things you need to aid you in your new beginning. This is different than any other chapter of your life and the Universe is doing its best to help you achieve happiness and fulfillment.

The Universe is actually working overtime for, and with, you at this time. Divine Intervention is bringing you the clarity, the resources and the power to effect wondrous changes and new beginnings. So, while in all actuality you are basically starting over, you will not be going down the same old path. Your thoughts, emotions, and even your finances will attain a new level of prioritization, organization and clarity. The choices you make now will ultimately be in your best interest and no one else’s.

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