Card of the Day – 8 of  Cups – Friday, November 13, 2015


Most of us love the Steampunk Tarot. Today, we need to talk about what we can and cannot do. Often the 8 of Cups is a representation of moving on. This card feel like a carry over from yesterday’s 6 of Pentacles. 

Remember, there is only one of you. Sometimes, it is best to turn your back on what you cannot fix in this moment. Do not let it consume every moment of your day. Put your time to good use with what you can do. You may return to an issue at a later date when the universe feels a little more cooperative. 

For some of you, each day takes you further away from the issues which began cropping up in 2012. Just know you can’t fix everything in a day. 

See you here tomorrow!

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Source: Steampunk Tarot

This card was last seen September 1, 2015

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