Through the Eyes of Tarot – Mercury in Pisces – March 5 through 21, 2016

What will make you happy? I truly believe that, along the way, your idea of happiness has taken on a whole new meaning. There is a need to resist throwing caution to the wind at this point, but your new perspective certainly has you doing things differently. Any wishes being fulfilled at this time are karmic ones. Think of life as a construction site and the Universe as a bulldozer coming in to level things off and bring you a new start. What do you really want? Now is the time for some reflection on this subject as soon you will be making some important choices.

You will find that now you possess the clarity for the level of organization which is necessary to your success. It is time to pull out all of the stops. Do not let any hidden talents remain hidden; put them to good use. You are in a position to work on the stable foundation which you need. This is especially true in the financial sector. Will you be rich? I doubt it, but I think you will feel more confident and secure and have a sense of comfort and freedom. A year ago you were not feeling this way even if you had the finances you needed.

This is a time to use your vision and foresight to work with the resources available to you to create new plans. By the time of the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra on the 23rd, you will be enacting those plans. Dot your i’s and cross your t’s; make sure that everything is ready to roll.

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