The Path You’ve Chosen – February, 2016

It is breakout time! Get rid of those negative thoughts which hold you back. Let your light shine forth again; you have put in the work and now it is time to send out your intentions. What do you hope to cultivate? Optimism returns in the second half of February. You have some positive feeling and a dollop of faith restoring your belief in the Universe. If you have done your homework, then your relationships will begin to shine.

It is time to do the work which allows balance to once again return to your life. You will feel successes within your relationships, freedom, which, for some, comes through the signing of legal documents. Whatever papers you may find yourself signing, know that they will give you the momentum to keep you going in the direction of your goals and that this is what you were meant to do. Make certain all of the details are in order as you do not want to revisit any of these issues at a later date.

Happiness for one is not for another; what will make you happy? You want it so bad you can taste it, but your burden is your self-doubt and your fear. You deserve these changes to come to you, remember that. You will find yourself receiving the news which allows you to propel your life forward and take back the reins of control.

Allow time to breathe; take time out to stop and smell the roses. Change has arrived and the eclipses of March 8 and 23 will be sure to bring you plenty. Don’t worry about ordering voodoo dolls in bulk for revenge on those who betrayed you in the past; karma will do its thing. You will be successful in your choices. Think of life as a scavenger hunt, but you found your way to the finish successfully without much light along the way. There is nowhere to go from here, but forward, for as you have figured out by now, you can never go back.

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