Through the Eyes of Tarot – Venus in Aries – April 5 through 29, 2016

Once again the energy shifts and Venus just wants to be back home in Taurus. However, energy shifts always bring some change. It would appear that you have been hanging out waiting for things to happen, and it is not that you haven’t been trying to make them. That will change and that feeling of limbo will come to an end. Hope will be restored and you will be begin to feel the positive attitude necessary to put in the effort to reach your goals. Your hard work is far from over and you may need to ask for some guidance to find your way. But, you will begin to feel as though the tunnel you have been in may have an end in sight. 

You are definitely working on breaking free from the chains which have had you bound for so long. Remember, your life needs a new form of organization; the old ways will not work anymore. Do not worry about placing blame on anyone or anything for all that you have endured. Just do it. Just cut it away and free yourself; rejoin the community which you have not been able to participate in for a while. Be sure to use all of your newfound freedom and clarity to your highest and best interests; in other words, think before you rush on in to your future. There is a sense of fulfillment that comes with knowing that you have done this, no one else. Creating your own abundance sets you up for the potential for improved relationships down the line.

Not everything which is being offered by the Universe is immediately to your liking. You have reached the point where the same old, same old simply will not do. Take the time to consider what will. Your utmost patience will be required as things slowly try to work themselves out; beware of that infinite loop and be wise with your words. Stand strong in your endeavor to reach your new beginning. Defend your position and enlist those who have your best interests at heart. There are messages everywhere; are you starting to appreciate the synchronicities of life? Although you are chomping at the bit for that new beginning, it will serve you well to exercise that extreme patience for a while longer.

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