New Moon in Aries – Thursday, April 7, 2016 – 7:23am EDT


This can be an exciting time for you, and likely one of the most influential New Moons you will have at your disposal for several months. The clock is most definitely ticking and your creativity is being called upon in a do-or-die fashion here. Why all of the hype? Now, is the only chance there will be for a while to make your actions count. Jupiter and Saturn are currently retrograde and will be joined in a matter of days by Mars, Pluto and Mercury. So, what will you create? Do not fool yourself with illusions of grandeur and set impossible goals for these next few months; rather, operate in a fair and balanced manner. Work on brining to a conclusion matters of a legal nature which will allow you to move on shortly. There is still going to be some of the back and forth between the old and the new, but the outcome is a successful one.

So, normally at the New Moon you put out your intentions. What type of intentions should you have at this time? Realistic ones which allow you to put to rest, once and for all, that thing from your past which has created hard times you will not soon forget. What you set in motion at this New Moon will help put you on that road to freedom, which will ultimately see you back in control of your life. Seek the necessary answers from within when it comes to a realistic approach, after all, this will not be the same life, not by a long shot. You need to have an idea what road you actually want to be on, before you take off in search of new beginnings.

The Universe will be bringing change your way; you are definitely being guided. The changes coming will be drastic ones, and the road ahead will be brightly lit. Finish the battle, so you can move on, stronger and wiser. Your new beginnings await you.

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