Through the Eyes of Tarot – Mercury in Taurus – April 5 through June 12, 2016 – Stations Retrograde April 28, 2016 1:20pm EDT

Well, just ugh! This is the second of two planets to move into a sign of its detriment in one day. Mercury really does not want to be here and would prefer to be back home in Gemini. However, it will be having a longer than usual stay here in Taurus, as this is where it will spend its second retrograde of 2016. There will be much to be considered during this time period, so do not think of beginning anything new after the 13th of April. While you wish to go out in search of the abundance you desire, you will be forced to go back and make some things right, once and for all. You may be saying to yourself that you finally resolved yourself to moving on and you are ready to go forward, but backward will eventually get you there. What you are creating will require great patience and you will be called upon to utilize all of your skills. You will be finally able to work some situations to your advantage using gentle persuasion.

Patience, patience. That is ultimately one of your biggest challenges, but finally you will feel as though you are rising above the challenges which had you down for so long, and tackling them, one by one. If life were a battle with all of its challenges which you have endured, then, indeed you will be a victor. Do not rely on others so much to help you through, this is truly a test of your mettle.

You will find yourself at a crossroads, wondering how much more fighting there should be, or if a change of pace and routine would be in your best interest. Remember, slow and steady wins the race. Your ultimate wishes can be fulfilled if you have the wisdom to step away from past hurts and partake of the positives in your environment which can fluorish with your attention.

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