The Path You’ve Chosen – April, 2016

Patience is indeed a virtue. Many of you out there have been working very hard on effecting some changes in your life and you know you have come so far in the past year alone. However, there is a sense of feeling cheated because time’s a wastin’ and you have things you are anxious to do. It really appears to be necessary to tend to things a little while longer. That positive news you have been waiting for will actually arrive. To be honest, it brings with it so many feelings you could be tongue-tied. After all, this is a huge change for you and you truly have no idea what lies beyond it.

Oh, the suspense! Why this limbo phase has been created, I am not certain. I can only believe the Universe is trying to put many things and people into place and then this feeling will dissipate. Seek wise counsel and strive to do everything the right way, so as not to delay the process. Weigh all of your options carefully, and be sure you are being fair to yourself without being greedy about your desires. There is success for you with at least one issue; the freedom from it will certainly leave you feeling more relaxed. You still have many details to work out, and now with one less, it should be easier to accomplish.

Finally being able to see a cohesive plan coming together, may leave you crying tears of joy. Progress! Separations and celebrations are the order of the day; you have some positive new beginnings for which to be thankful. I think for quite some time you were feeling as though you had lost your mojo, and now you are saying, “I got this!”. This is a very important time for you; it is all about creation. The life you have always wanted is out there, so go forth and create the abundance you desire. Stand strong, for once things get going, they begin to move quickly. Turn your back to the past and and prepare to move forward at a rapid pace. Your fresh start is on its way and you and the Universe are finally seeing eye-to-eye.

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