Through the Eyes of Tarot – Mars in Scorpio – May 27 through August 2, 2016 – Enters Scorpio while retrograde on May 27, goes direct on June 29

What is it you wish to create? While Mars is finally back home in Scorpio, it is still retrograde for the first month. Be practical in your creative approach and keep tweaking your projects so that they are ready to be unveiled after June 29. This may still feel like a heavy load; you have been carrying it for so long, but you are closer to your destination every day. Currently, your destination is the
Solstice, where you will arrive at the next leg of your journey. Turn your focus from what is lacking, especially if it has been financial in nature, and concentrate on your security, especially within the home.

You have faced your stressors head on and now possess the clarity and wisdom which has been brought to you through the experience. What you need in your life is a happening thing and it renews your faith in the Universe, and indeed there is a return of optimism. Always look at both sides of a situation before choosing, then choose what is fair and right. Finally, a new beginning is in store for you. This goes back to the creation in Paragraph One. You have withstood many tests and a break, even if it is just a mini one, may be in order. Your prayers have been answered and you can relax.

Your vision for change may require some trusted souls to take with you on your journey. You are very much in charge of your changes here. Now, you can feel better prepared for any skirmishes which may lie ahead. Your destination is in sight and freedom is yours. It will be one of those moments that absolutely gives you the chills; there is no turning back and ahead lies your hopes and dreams. Truly, you deserve a pat on the back for what you have managed to overcome by August 2. The positives will so outweigh the negatives, and you will come to realize just how truly blessed you are with all you have achieved.

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