The Path You’ve Chosen – May, 2016

Not far off in the distance lies your destination, so close and yet so far. Remain positive and upbeat for you are getting closer by the day. Calm your emotions and gather what is yours. There is a sense of sorting out here, What is important needs to remain in your life, and yes you should hold onto it. But, there is a new adventure which is close at hand. You feel armed and ready for whatever lies before you. So, willingly you continue; the load does not feel so heavy now as it did a year ago.

There is a breakthrough. You have been trying to regain all of the power which you felt you lost over these last several years. You are ready now to engage in whatever skirmish the Universe puts in your path. And, you will be successful. You are clearer now than you have been in a very long time. The truth is with you. You know who you are; you know what you want. And, you are ready to clear the path you need. It is time to take care of important details. Leave no stone unturned here. There is a great deal of importance attached to what you are doing.

By the time the Solstice rolls around, you are feeling so much better about things. So much better. And, you are prepared to set forth on this new path before you, finally feeling as though you have regained your power and now have control over your life. Each day you will feel the increased momentum of pulling away from the past. There is some wonderful news here to be celebrated, by late June, early July. People. I can not even begin to put this into words for you. It is as though they have been waiting for you to arrive in their social circle. You will be very welcome and there is indeed a special occasion of which you will be part.

The feelings of being trapped and powerless, unhappy with options and not knowing which way to go, they will all come to an end. You no longer feel the need to sacrifice so much and have gained a new perspective as to the workings of the Universe and your relationship with yourself and others. By late June, you will be reaching the next stop on your journey.

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  1. Oh Cecelia,

    These words comfort my soul. Thank you.

    May you be blessed with all the goodness your heart desires. And then may it all be so much greater than you have dreamed. And so it is.

    So much Love.

    Sharon Pelton

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