The Path You’ve Chosen – June, 2016

These are interesting times in which we live. You are looking for the success of closing out a cycle, and must do so in a practical manner. Remain grounded and keep your focus toward security and be wise enough to know that the losses incurred need to be forgotten in order to move forward. There is more communication during this period, likely due to the recent entrance of Mercury into its home sign of Gemini. Be prepared to be on the move, initiate conversations and create the secure environment you require for the long-haul. Your wishes may finally be coming true around the homefront and/or in the financial sector. The blessings far outweigh the losses.

Oh, my goodness, perhaps it is all a wee bit overwhelming; there is so much to think about, you may find a good night’s rest impossible. Your brain simply won’t shut off; if you can not get in the front door, perhaps you should try the back door. They won’t even see you coming! Not making a ruckus along the way will help keep your world peaceful. Seek the knowledge necessary to help further your goals. Finally, you are able to make some positive progress with at least one, shall we say, bad habit. You are finally breaking free from some old ways of the past.

Eliminate and create; release your fears and anxieties over all of the what ifs and go for it. Karma is on your side now and you can create the good luck and good fortune you desire. There is a mental shift in your attitude which leaves you feeling that you are a force to be reckoned with and no one should dare try to cross you again. This is exciting as you reach the starting line, and, as silly as it sounds, you are at the beginning of your beginning. The time has come to move on; you will encounter new relationships and commitments and have a major focus toward creating the things you wish to manifest for your future.

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