New Moon in Gemini – Saturday, June 4, 2016 – 10:59pm EDT

For how long now have you been working on this plan? If you possessed a roadmap or blueprint of your life, it would be so much easier. However, you are dauntless in the face of a new adventure. You think less of the old way of life every day, and your focus and perspective are focusing toward a sense of freedom in your life of which you will never want to let go. This New Moon provides the opportunity to work toward the new beginning you seek; you will
find a release from at least one of the issues which has been plaguing you for so long.

So, you are at the point that you have this restless energy because you know more is coming soon. You simply know it; but, you must try to go with the flow for a couple more weeks and continue juggling for the moment. The anticipation appears to be driving you crazy, for now you know the worth of every precious moment you exist and do not wish to waste any more of your time. By now, you can see, feel, somehow sense your destination drawing closer; it is one of safety, of surviving a painful transition and arriving at a better place. Maintain patience and balance in all things and do not go off half-cocked and jumping the gun. A stroke of good luck and excellent karma your way comes, right before the Solstice.

Change is here and you have reached a very important goal along your path. After the Sun leaves Gemini, you will see your future approaching at a more rapid rate. Your goals have been redefined, and you are now on a mission to create a less stressful life. In the future, things which are stressful will be much easier to handle. You have learned more about yourself in this past year than possibly in your entire life. Now you know what you are made of, what you are worth, and, many of you have discovered some valuable new skillsets along the way.

Travel is indicated for many of you, while others will receive news of financial opportunites manifesting themselves. It’s a WIN-WIN situation! I can hear the Mummers playing ‘Happy Days are Here Again‘ as positive vibes begin to return to your life. Hope, faith and optimissm are renewed, and you realize you are truly blessed in this life. Patience and perseverance is required with a desired commitment. Stay tuned, I think we will see more of this as it expands in the not-too-distant future.

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