Summer/Winter Solstice – Monday, June 20, 2016 6:34pm EDT – Tarot Guidance for the Season

This is a separate reading from the twenty-minute Bonus Solstice video which appears below. You are at the beginning of a new phase; what is it you wish to manifest? For some it will be financial, or a new job or relationship, while for others it could be a search for a new residence or better health. Whatever it is, prepare for an adventure as you set off on this new leg of your journey. Remain calm amidst the sea of confusion, as you may not know exactly where it is the Universe is trying to direct you. Your quest is simple really, but perhaps a bit daunting. Everyone wishes a new start which allows them to recover from some rather difficult times that have left them feeling a little bit cheated. Take with you to the future only what you need; pack lightly and forget the excess baggage.

This season, starting with the Summer/Winter Solstice, and taking you to the Equinox in September, allows you to make any necessary repairs and adjustments to the structure of your life. Now is the time to work on taking back your power; there will be breakthroughs showing you that happiness is possible, however not likely the way you had envisioned. You have battled the hard times and are about to be reborn. Victory over difficulties is yours at last; rise up and make clear, levelheaded decisions.

Putting an end to the status quo; you are not going to take it anymore. Good for you; you have shouldered too many burdens and responsibilities  for far too long. Finally, you are able to make the drastic changes you need, but in a very practical manner. Your choices are favored, and as you navigate these next three months, you will be opening and closing doors, but also making some relationship decisions as well. If it is not working you will do away with it and prepare to move on for good. That thing that has troubled you forever, well it will be no more.

Making decisions over the next few months requires you to be flexible and weigh things carefully. Be honest, be grounded, and you will bring the changes you desire. There are others involved in your success, but keep your numbers tight as a huge crowd may impede progress. When you arrive at the Equinox, you are feeling successful and vitality and positivity have been restored.

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June Love and Finance Tarot Guidance on YouTube

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