New Moon in Capricorn – Saturday, January 9, 2016 8:30pm EST

Here is your Tarot Guidance for this New Moon:

New Moon, new beginning, new you.  Remember how I said that old New Years adage was going to ring true this year? Well, here you are. Mercury may be retrograde, but this a much different one than in the recent past. Your judgment comes into play here.  What sort of life decisions have you made in the last few months? Mmmm, hmmmm. Yes, now you really can rise up and have a new beginning.  There is something going on here for you which wants to send you forward. Delays around you are gone and even though Mercury likes to skew communications, messages you need to hear are making their way to you loud and clear.  You are feeling more grounded and a little more certain about your recent choices.  The clarity you have achieved gives you great wisdom regarding your situation. Had you only known then, what you know now, it certainly would have saved you from a great deal of grief. There is an abundance of hope and faith with this New Moon and the promise of a wonderful new beginning which this year holds.

You are not there yet, but definitely on your way to a more comfortable, safer place on your journey. A backdoor approach may be best when making choices. It will help you navigate more freely and steer clear of unnecessary conflicts. You have much to do between now and the Full Moon. Your perspective has shifted and your determination has not failed you. You have survived the hardest part. That standstill you have been experiencing will soon only be a memory. Stand yourself up now and prepare to make your way to the next chapter.

Your prayers are being answered, but with an interesting twist. The universe is giving you something you desire.It’s been a while since you have been able to make choices. Will you make the same ones that you would have last January? I highly doubt it. That old way of life has lost its appeal. And you are finally at the point where you can make the necessary decisions for change which will give you the freedom you need and allow you to move forward without feeling so consumed by the past.

The fireworks were days ago, but you will be wishing you had some of your own. Your personal feelings of self worth and your ability to stand stronger on your own are truly a reason to celebrate. Everyone has a different situation, but this is an awesome time for you. Finally, you are achieving things and it’s as if the obstacles are being blown away. Do you believe in synchronicity? You may now. And the nonsense that was plaguing you…turn your back on it.  Greater things await you.

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