The Path You’ve Chosen – January, 2016


This is my mid-month Tarot guidance.  Consider it a supplement to the January Astro-Tarot.

The fire for change burns bright within you and you possess a great deal of determination to effect your changes. It is time to break out without fear of rocking the boat. Drastic change can be yours, if you are willing to take the risk and step out of your comfort zone. Fairness in your changes will help you achieve more balance in your life.  In regards to actual legal matters or papers which need signing, it is time to get to work on that plan.  Secure the assistance of trusted parties to help you carry out your plan to the letter. Mercury goes direct on the 25th and you will be wanting to gather some steam.  Remain practical and down to earth while working on these life-altering changes and keep your focus on your security for the long haul.

It is time to turn your back on the difficult times, maintain a balance of emotions, and face your fears head on.  You are good enough.  You can have what you want. Be honest with yourself when it comes to what you feel you need. If it doesn’t serve your purpose, cut it loose; cut away the dead weight. A new, more carefree beginning can be yours when you don’t take all that baggage forward with you.

Significant events will occur for you between the Full Moon in January and the Full Moon in February. Say bye-bye to the nonsense and feel your worries ease as the Universe helps transport you to a better place.  If you have put in the proper work, then you are on your way.  Do not blame another for your troubles, or expect them to have your solutions. You have to want it! Many of you need to sign something which is life changing and will bring you the freedom and security you need. It is certainly a wish come true. However, 3 or 4 years ago you would have called me crazy and said no way would you ever do such a thing. This is more than just an emotional success for you. It is preparing you for the next part of your journey; the part where you get to live the life you dreamed you should have.

Separations and celebrations. Yahoo! By eliminating the things and people and situations which have caused you pain in recent years, you can kick up your heels and celebrate. Take time out to stop and smell the roses, for a celebration is definitely in order. Easter is March 27 this year. There will be a greater feeling of freedom coming at that time.  For those in the Northern Hemisphere, when the grass turns green and the bunnies are around, things are coming to fruition. Enjoy the abundance coming into your life. You are experiencing a rebirth and a renewal of the commitment to yourself.   

Some real contemplation may be required, when suddenly you find yourself able to make choices. Keep them realistic and be on the lookout for the Universe to hand you something special. You will be riding high and feeling more in charge of your journey.  Where to next? Keep your generosity in check for this next phase of your journey.

Thanks in advance for your share!❤️

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