Full Moon in Leo – Saturday, January 23, 2016, 8:46pm EST

There is a huge focus on stability and security at this time. Perhaps this is where you finally find your groove for saving a little money in 2016. You may also need to pool your resources and do a little financial juggling to pull off some sort of special event involving loved ones. After all, Leo is a very social sign. Play it easy and don’t relinquish your control of the situation. Be sure to keep the long-term perspective in mind, not just the fun at hand.

This is a very reflective time at this particular Full Moon. The cycle of life is especially present in the month of January and it can leave you contemplating many things. Above all, do not try to convince yourself that you do not deserve happiness, for indeed you do.  The changes are slow in this area and best not handled in a hasty manner. Take time on your journey. This is a period of great transition that you need not fear; embrace the new beginnings which are coming your way.

Remember, your future is close at hand. Do not hold yourself back or deny yourself what you need.  Make preparations which will lead you to June. Things crop up at this Full Moon which can haunt you, but do not let them deter you from looking forward. Burdensome relationships may finally begin to ease up a bit. Fate steps in to get the ball rolling. By March, you will be in the thick of The Plan.

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