New Moon in Taurus – Friday, May 6, 2016 3:29pm EST


Take what you need and leave the rest. If you sense a betrayal in your immediate surroundings, then play things close to the vest. Be cool as a cucumber, for now is not the time to reveal what you know. You need to give some serious thought to who and what should remain in your life. A particular situation may not sit well with you, but patience at this time appears to be required. This New Moon brings a firestorm of activity and you simply need to be practical and down-to-earth; keep all of your actions in moderation.

There is a great deal of information coming to you at this time. Your feelings may be a mixed bag as you try to sort through it all, for while you know you are experiencing a rebirth and total new beginning, you fluctuate between excitement, celebratory  and worry. Perhaps this worry comes from the fear that the other shoe will drop, since it has so many times before; not this time. Could there be news from afar? I feel as though if this person can not travel to see you, that at the very least, they are contacting you from somewhat of a long distance. There is much to talk about and a lot of catching up to do, as many things have changed for both of you.

Reconnect with nature every opportunity that you have. While there are five retrograde planets at this New Moon, it is a great time to focus your plans on home repair and landscaping. You can be creative with these projects and make your home a more comfortable place for you to enjoy. Keep your focus toward the financial at this time, and be careful not to take on too much extra responsibility in this area. Your creative endeavors may require you to spend more than you wish, but know that, especially in matters of business, now is not the time to launch your vision. Late June/early July will be better.

In these next two weeks, at least one relationship may take a turn for the worse. Could be due to the betrayal in Paragraph One. It may hurt to eliminate it, but it feels like one more in a string of disillusionments. You need to know that you somehow benefit tremendously from this and that you will find the comfort you need perhaps through that person from your past. Interesting indeed, as you will begin to see life very differently and, in the future, you will give more credence to that little voice that was telling you something was very wrong.

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  1. Yes truly brilliant! It really resonated with me and gives me the courage to keep focused on the future and my goals, that I have made the right decision. Thank you, you are truly gifted Cecelia!

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