Sun in Taurus – April 19 through May 19, 2016

Over the next four weeks, you may be preoccupied with choices regarding home, legal matters, and anything else which has been causing you incredible stress. The problem here is that this entire time, you will have Mercury in shadow or retrograde as well as retrograding Jupiter, Saturn, Mars and Pluto. So, there will be many things which have you feeling as though you are backtracking and some decisions may seem a little fuzzy. Go ahead, face it and deal with it so you can restore much-needed balance to your life. Stress has been standing in the way of your happiness for far too long.

Your new beginning on which you are working is exciting, but remember it comes through some huge endings. You can free yourself and achieve the breakthrough you need. Financial opportunities arrive which will help you through this transition to a better place. You may not always realize it, but remember you are being guided by the Universe. The fogginess which created illusions in your choices for so long gives way to a plan you can nurture and develop. The time may not yet be right for the picking, but keep working at things and wait for that proper moment.

Holy, moly! The light at the end of the tunnel! If there has been anything in your life where you have been doing the Taurus thing and going along with blinders on, get ready! The Universe is about to shake things up and in a good way; there will be some important revelations. You are being guided toward success and huge change is imminent. What you have been needing for so long is finally handed to you. Turn your back to the chaos; perhaps your life resembles the that part in the action movie close to the end where the hero escapes by the skin of his teeth while destruction looms in the background. Then the scene becomes calm and life begins anew.

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