Sun in Cancer – June 21 through July 22, 2016

For such a very long time, you thought you were going one way and the Universe has rerouted you. However, you are beginning to catch on and may finally have the proper vision necessary to complete the tasks at hand. There are very important choices to be made and much work to be done by the New Moon in Cancer. Keep at it, as you will feel as though there is finally movement with your changes, especially after Mars goes direct on the 29th. Be ready for some positive mental breakthroughs which will allow you to take back your power which has been lacking for some time.

Know that you have been guided to this place, even though, at times you have been a very reluctant participant. Again with the choices; it may be time to part ways with some people. Some paths will separate while others will converge as part of this new beginning you are experiencing. Amazingly, on some level, you have accumulated a fan club; they admire the tenacity you have displayed and your successes despite the odds put before you. There is a sense of balance and fairness trying to return to your life which will allow you to break free from some worn out habits and situations. A new plan is necessary now that you can more clearly see your way and realize what it is you need to do.

The steps you are able to take now to regain control of your life will play out over the next three months, with the most visible dramatic changes taking place around mid-September. Your efforts will produce positive change and tangible results and life will not feel like so much of a struggle. After the Equinox in September you will finally feel as though you have broken out of the confining structures holding you back and will be able to break free from the status quo. Indeed, with each season change, you shall arrive at another place and be prepared to explore the next leg of your journey.

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