Through the Eyes of Tarot – Venus in Leo – July 12 through August 5, 2016

It is time to leave behind some painfully emotional days, weeks and years. Enough tears have been shed; be ready to seize the moment and do what it takes to set things right. For some, there is absolutely brilliant clarity coming in for you now, reigniting your passion for creating a better future. Finally, you can feel more in charge of your destiny and you are beginning to recognize your own talents and how to best utilize them. Perhaps you will not see all of the creative changes you are implementing in your life have a full impact until October, but your focus on security for your future is of the utmost importance. Take note, this could come through either your home or work environment, perhaps both. It is indeed a great deal of responsibility to shoulder, but I believe you will do so willingly now that you can see the possibilities of what you can create.

The opportunites for manifesting change are as far as the eye can see; you need to be patient with these changes, as they will not all occur overnight, and your vision of creativity should be set for the long term. Emotional stability returns for many as some of the watery energies are beginning to be left behind. Your perceptions of your blessings has changed and you are learning that faith and trust in the Universe to guide you, provided you put in the work and do not expect a free handout, will lead you past your fear of the unknown and right onto a path which is aligned with the stars.

Those five painful, difficult years are quickly becoming a thing of the past as you find yourself facing forward only and feeling more in control of your journey. You have a vision of change for yourself which includes love, security, home and family, and each step forward that you take has you further removed from those damaging times. Your faith and your beliefs form a very solid foundation for your life and for the freedoms you hope to achieve for yourself. Keep October on your radar, for, between now and then, you are breaking out and freeing yourself from the hard times. For good. (Or, at least until Saturn enters Scorpio in about another twenty-eight years.)

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