New Moon in Cancer – Monday, July 4, 2016 7:00am EST

Now is the time, at this New Moon, to go forward and work on that issue. The efforts you put forth now will help you bring an end to a situation which has had you between a rock and a hard place for quite some time. If any legal papers are involved, this will be the time to be working on them, as they will
bring about the recovery your life needs and the new chapter you desire. Think of it as repair and recovery mode, and you will go a long way toward bringing some much needed balance to a situation which has been very aggravating for you. Your efforts will definitely be rewarded; remember, this is not a time to be idle.

The actions you take in your life with this New Moon energy, will help bring a little more balance and fairness for you, especially within relationships. By the time the Equinox has arrived in September, you will have achieved a better understanding through your own intuition. You will be ready with the necessary clarity to go forth and creative a more positive existence for yourself, one which includes emotional and material fulfillment. Maintaining an optimistic attitude is of the utmost importance to obtain the maximum results.

There may have been a storm brewing in your life for a number of years, but with the new balance you are achieving, you are able to not only balance your emotions, but bring peace to your soul. Through your beliefs, which have changed their structure immensely, you are taking a step closer to your goals each day. This is not a pace to be hurried, lest you may miss something important, rather it is a time to follow the guidance the Universe is providing. You will reclaim your power like never before, and after the Equinox there will be a new commitment on the horizon.

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