Full Moon Penumbral Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius – Thursday, August 18, 2016, 5:27am EST

While for most, pretty much the past five years has been full of struggles and battles to stay afloat in life, the time has come to free yourself from that sense of powerlessness which has plagued you for so long. Some important decisions are finally being made and they are definitely in your own best interest. For quite some time, you have been trying to figure out exactly what is the formula for freeing yourself from all of these issues. You are in the process of being reborn and have made a conscious decision not to live life the same as you have in the past. Some may say they have had no choice but to choose differently, but you will find all of your skills being put to the test as you create a completely different life.

You are gradually devloping an understanding of what the Universe requires of you. Persistence and determination, with a little good luck thrown in, will help you bring your projects, relationships and finances to fruition. ‘Eye of the Tiger’ may become your theme song, as you put things into motion which will benefit you for the long haul. Eclipses obviously like to eclipse things, but remember, they also usher in new ones. Many could experience an increase in financial manifestations, after a long period of thinking it would never happen. Relationships, especially the karmic ones, may soon take a turn, but will not likely become what you hoped just yet. There will be more passion for your ideas and you will also find you are creatively giving birth to new ones. The Universe has knocked you down many times, but each time you rise.

Patience feels necessary for those who are interested in the love realm. Some currently still have too many obligations and responsibilities to be able to commit to a perfect relationship. Play it easy for the time being. There will be some who are left feeling stabbed in the back, or betrayed, if you will. Eclipse season is something like a haunted house of mirrors; you really don’t see where you are until you reach the other side. Doors will open and doors will close. There is more than a possibility for a great deal of success with the new life you are creating.

Somewhere out there, if you are one of the ones looking for love, it is looking for you. Keep working on the details of your life first. There is something here, wherein the Universe has a message for you, which brings a great deal of clarity regarding love. What has become important is how and why you choose. There is at least one situation which requires you to perhaps say nothing for the moment; it is as if there is an immovable object standing in your way. Do not worry about it; simply go around it and avoid it. Keep your current focus toward what is required to have the stability you need.  Be sure to check out my recorded Tarot Guidance for this Full Moon on Patreon. https://patreon.com/tarotbycecelia

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  1. Something is definitely happening to me,I’m feeling sick as though I want to vomit,is this good or bad it’s for more than a week now,what’s wrong

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