Sun enters Leo – July 22, 2016

No rest for the weary! However, it is time to start putting your issues to rest; take note of the things which are going on around you and not just in your own life, for somewhere down the line they will have bearing on your direction. Messages are coming your way which will aid you in the new beginning you desire. The saying “not my circus, not my monkeys” applies here and it is time to focus in the direction of your future. You are creatively preparing for it and look forward to the new horizons which await you. With each issue you are able to resolve, or even come close to resolving, you are taking back control of your life and will soon find yourself needing to choose a direction for the long haul.

Success with some finely-crafted plans can be yours as you turn doing something you truly love into an extremely fulfilling new beginning. There is no way to look now except forward and this is a good thing as every day you keep gaining traction to help pull you away from the past. While your life has been in repair mode in recent months you have been fine-tuning all of the details. If you find a new place to live, it is time to decorate. Leo is a fire sign and this is your time to pursue your passion and creatively change your life. 

You should be feeling much more self-sufficient these days and realizing that what you send out to the Universe can indeed come back to you. There is much change to be had right now and you can not only close some doors, but more importantly, step on into changes which will lead you away from the struggles and stagnation which have plagued you for so long. Take a good look around because the changes are coming and the time is here for you to decide which direction you wish to take.

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