New Moon in Leo – Tuesday, August 2, 2016, 4:44pm EST

This New Moon finds you moving along, possibly taking on new responsibilities, and still uncertain exactly where all of the changes taking place in your life may ultimately lead you. You are not feeling so cheated any longer, as the Universe seems to be providing quite nicely, rather like huge breadcrumbs meant for you to follow. You are making great strides in leaving your past behind, and now you know that so much more awaits you. Be sure to set forth your intentions and make them count in a positive manner.

Indeed, you may find yourself manifesting things you never thought possible. Last year, this was not even a remote thought on your radar; there is still so much to learn on your new journey and being meticulous in your studies will definitely reap great rewards if you are willing to put in the extra hours it may take to do things right. While there are still many changes coming with such an active sky, you will still be able to feel some truly positive vibes. Enjoy the Leo energy; it is meant to have some lighthearted fun right now. You will be asked to weigh your options carefully; choose that which will balance your life in the long run. At this point, you should be seeing things more clearly and better able to make decisions. There is some form of karmic connection with this New Moon which will find something working very much in your favor. Be wise and stay organized; this is no time for slacking, as what you are working on is of the utmost importance.

Faith and hope are renewed and you feel as though you actually have blessings to count. You will soon find yourself being rewarded for all of the attention you have given to that which you are trying to grow and produce in your life. You will find success over your struggles and know that you are making progress. Do not be surprised if you find yourself being someone’s shoulder along the way; believe it, or not, you actually are capable of giving some decent advice now. As you continue to rise above your challenges, you will see your freedom from them is definitely in sight. A new beginning appears to be yours if you can just hang in there a little while longer. The second half of September looks promising with some form of new beginning. Listen closely for important messages to clue you in as to what it is.

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