Sun in Virgo – Monday, August 22, 2016

Finally, a real breakthrough! It is time to take back your power and manifest your hopes, dreams and wishes. This can be a very fulfilling time period, if you rememeber there is no rest for the weary. Now is not the time for a holiday, rather you need to be moving to beat the band. Multitasking will be the order of the day, for pretty much every day. You are still juggling between the old and the new and need to keep tweaking your plans for resolving past issues. If you need a team to help you, then be certain to keep one in place which can work as a cohesive unit and is able to go with the flow, as these are changing times.

Maintain a steady balance of emotions as you tend to your business with extra care. Some things are almost ripe for the picking; take care to keep yourself busy, so as not to become bored by simply waiting around for things to happen. You will manifest the necessary finances/job, etc., and find that your hard work is indeed about to pay off in a big way. It isn’t an easy task, but you are actually lighting your own way, and even counseling others as you go. Commitments take on a whole new meaning by the Full Moon on September 16, and perhaps you are finally on the same page with another.

As you give birth to an abundant new phase of life, you are still working blind here. The unknown will not likely reveal itself to you until the Sun has left Virgo and gone into Libra, possibly around September’s second New Moon on the 30th in Libra. You will find yourself going in different directions, sometimes challenging, but always toward change. You may be feeling a little bit like the boat is rockin’, but you are really now in “cool as a cucumber” mode. Not much further to go with all of those responsibilities to be able to achieve the peace and harmony you seek.

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