The Path You’ve Chosen – August, 2016 

Finding your way through the fog has not been easy, but now, with Saturn direct, you can finally review choices and options with success. It is now possible to feel as though you can make decisions which are in your best interest, which will bring a much needed level of balance and fairness to your life. There is still much work left to be done in order to reap the rewards; keep putting forth plenty of effort and just the right amount of TLC. Do not let your fears and doubts hinder you and get in your way. Intuitively you already know you will be a success in the long run.

These decisions are big ones, my friends. They truly count toward your future; it would appear as though the Annular Solar Eclipse in Virgo at the New Moon on September 1 is the perfect time to move yourself forward with your changes. Many of you now have a revised view of your financial picture. Security has become of the utmost importance and you can feel a huge rebirth in this area if you make the correct choices. It is very possible to manifest something, whether it be additional finances, or even a new job, which will bring the changes you desire, especially around the home front. However, it feels as though you are hanging around until after the New Moon to really see the changes in play.

Use the Annular Solar Eclipse to your fullest advantage. It is time to remove those chains and face those demons head on and slay them once and for all. Change becomes somewhat of a slingshot by the third week of September. But, remember this…if others are fighting, DO NOT ENGAGE. If words are flying, do not be a part of it, simply turn your back and walk away. It is their problem, not yours. Your main focus needs to be you, your life and how you are going to get it back on track as you head on down a new road.

Ok, how many times have I said let us make it to October 8? Many, I am sure. Here in the U.S.A., Monday, October 10, is Columbus Day; in Canada it is Thanksgiving. So, let’s just say there is something somewhat magical about the 8-10 of October and leave it at that. Remember you are the one who created it. You made decisions for yourself, by yourself, and you decided what/who will work in your life and what/who will not. A sense of slight contentment may creep in around that time; perhaps you finally finish up an important project and have the opportunity to breathe and just put your feet up and rest. You have eliminated most negative relationships if you could and now it is time to proceed forward, but not at full tilt. Take your time; slow and steady wins the race and there is so much to see along the way.

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