Astro Tarot – February, 2016

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil, but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails.
 Author: The Bible: 1 Corinthians 13:4

General – For All Signs

Gain a foothold in February as your financial plans gain some steam and are highly favored at this time. Always be wary of Saturn spinning in the background; currently, it is a good idea to squirrel away as much money as possible. The why hasn’t presented itself yet. Spend this month having conversations with professionals to help you get the job done. Some of you may actually be finally able to sign on the dotted line.  If so, this is a huge success for you. The emphasis this month, of course, is on love, but on a broader scale. Love of family, career and self will take center stage. There is certainly nothing wrong with that. Remember, to view the cup as half full and to be honest with yourself about what works for you.

This month you may hear news on that haunting issue which tends to keep you up at night. While there is some form of loss incurred here, this is a great gift of divine timing from the Universe.  Celebrate your great news and turn your back on your fears that you carried throughout 2015.  Picture sadness in one hand, joy in the other; weigh it carefully. Now, which do you prefer to be? Go out and tell everyone you know what you have achieved.

Do not dwell on those things which you have lost; new beginnings await you. Balance your emotions, dry your tears, and get ready to light the fire for incredible change. Keep going over that budget.  One of this year’s challenges is to learn how to live differently; for some that means being more frugal.

Your future will be arriving shortly, but are you ready?  Consider all your options carefully, for you can only go forward. Longing for the past will take you nowhere. Others may not understand your every move, but you do not need to defend your judgment. Act in accordance with what works for you. Do not doubt yourself and hold yourself back and do not let your past stand in your way.

♈️ Aries – March 21 through April 19

You need to be realistic about your relationship choices this month, Aries.  It is definitely time to make some, or you could be in for some unpleasant surprises.You have connections to many people which need to be considered.  The blame for any predicaments you encounter can not be cast toward anyone other than yourself.  Strive for balance and fairness in all relationships.

♉️ Taurus – April 20 through May 20

Looks like this month will be all about balance for you, Taurus. The balance you are creating is leading you to a new beginning and a more comfortable and carefree feeling in life. Do not sacrifice yourself for the greater good or let things eat away at you. What was stressing you out is being replaced with a greater sense of self-reliance. You are in a transitional phase at the moment and you need to keep sending out to the Universe what it is you want. You really must stop looking at what didn’t make it this far with you. It was not meant to be. Maintain clarity and be totally honest with yourself. Pay special attention to your health with healthy choices in diet and exercise.

♊️ Gemini – May 21 through June 20

Keep calm, Gemini. You are looking almost giddy this month. It appears your plans can finally move forward; what is it you are creating? This is out of the norm for you and will give you a much-needed, fresh start. As you approach the Full Moon on the 22nd, you are feeling a little more grounded. You are lighting a fire for change which will help you regain the control you need in your life. Stick with black and white; there are no gray areas here. And say a prayer that it all works out.

♋️ Cancer – June 21 through July 22

Your children/siblings are your main area of focus this month, Cancer. While this is always an area of concern for you, it is moreso in
February. You seem concerned
with what they think and that what you are trying to do goes against your moral upbringing. The decisions you make need to be for you, not them. Do not be going back and forth and weighing it out or having a fear of rocking the boat. It is your life at stake here. You need for the magic to return to your life. Stoke that fire for change. Do not let your beliefs get in your way; some will say that by pulling this off, it is nothing short of a miracle. You had the ability all along. You just needed to be ready.

♌️ Leo – July 23 through August 22

Whoa, Leo! This needs to stop. First, you must sleep, it is of the utmost importance. This struggle you are having is not with anyone else; it is internal.  It appears you need help to alleviate the stress which has become too much; for some this feels to be more mental struggles. What is going on here needs to be resolved within, not blaming others for the things which do not work. Grandiose behavior serves no purpose here. Change happens. Take time out to stop and smell the roses; perhaps reminisce for a bit. Until you can change your reality and your perception, not much else will change.

♍️ Virgo – August 23 through September 22

The time has truly come to sever what does not work, Virgo. Cut your losses and prepare to move forward with what is left. Make certain that all communication is done in an honest and forthright manner. It appears there was a big lesson in the midst of this big change; hopefully you have learned from it. If a marriage or important relationship has ended, there is such a mixed bag of feelings here. It paves the way for new love and relationships to follow, so, while there may be jubilance and celebration, there is also a mourning of the real ending. Face it, it was over long ago; you simply refused to let it die. Close the door firmly and prepare to embark on the rest of your life.

♎️ Libra – September 23 through October 22

Libra, you do not appear to be sleeping well this month. So many thoughts keep swirling around in your head at night, especially with the primary commitment in your life. Part of you feels as though you were shut out; you continue to juggle life and its social commitments and celebrations, but the realities of what is really happening are a little muddled. A rebirth is coming and you need to break through to the other side with your significant other, boss, etc. It is time to make sure all affairs are in order. Many of you seem to be anticipating the arrival of a new family member. You are totally in awe of the circle of life; at the same time you are somewhat scared.

♏️ Scorpio – October 23 through November 21

Love and romance would like to find you in February, Scorpio. However, now is not the time to rush into anything. Do not deceive yourself, for the picture of what you think may be looks quite cozy; however, the timing feels a little off. You are still awaiting that important piece of news. For some, it may actually arrive at month’s end. You are at a crossroads with a particular long-term bond. And here is your wish; you KNOW things will be changing in March and you will finally be able to step forward to your future. By April, you will be recovering nicely.

♐️ Sagittarius – November 22 through December 21

You may feel as if the rug is pulled out from under you during the month of February, Sagittarius. Don’t be surprised; you created this by not paying enough attention to all the warning signs. It is likely that the Full Solar Eclipse of March 8, and the Partial Lunar Eclipse of March 23 may be delivering their messages to you this month, loud and strong. It is too late to be asking for help with this precarious position in which you find yourself. Your goals will be accomplished through your own hard work, no one else’s, and you will need to handle this alone. Do not turn a blind eye to open doors you should be investigating.

♑️ Capricorn – December 22 through January 19

Capricorn, the Universe may very well hand you a much-needed gift this month, but you must use great restraint. Is that possible?
When it comes to relationships and choices, it is a little late for regrets; if you only knew then what you knew now. Sometimes, tracing your path and how you wound up here, can be linked to a single choice along the way. Perhaps it is time to choose more wisely. The dificult times and sacrifice you have created for yourself is surely wearing you down. You need to change your perspective in relation to both health and finances. You can survive this and get your mojo back around July.

♒️ Aquarius – January 20 through February 18

February seems to find you concerned over the well being of a loved one, Aquarius. Remember the wisdom which has been passed down to you and use it wisely. You can not feel guilty over having a life; do not prevent yourself from moving forward or feeling that you do not have all the necessary control due to this situation. You are watching something major unfold with great success; is it for you? Or is it simply a pipe dream. It may be time to put your priorities in order. You appear to be assessing your commitments; some require sacrifice where it is your duty. Others may require a realistic assessment on your part.

♓️ Pisces – February 19 through March 20

Patience is the order of the month, Pisces. You must learn moderation in many areas of your life. Your long-term security is at stake; you can not handle responsibilites as you did in the past. Jumping forward in haste is not the way to go. Your life is about to change forever; think of a tidal wave coming in and wiping everything out in an instant. The Universe wants you to be happy, but it is going to totally rearrange your life to show you the error of your ways. You will be feeling quite positive about things around the solstice in June. July offers a fresh start and by October you are peachy keen.

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