New Moon in Aquarius – Monday, February 8, 2016, 9:38am EST

Finally, you are feeling as though you can turn your back on some of the pain. If any of your losses were financial, then you may finally be seeing that the money you require to get by is there. You need to know that you have completed a cycle and some doors will be opening for you by March. While this is a New Moon in its own right, bear in mind that many of you will be begin experiencing the messages of the March eclipses. Pay close attention to all the facts as things are happening; the best you can do is hope you have yours straight. It is hard to plan in this type of atmosphere, but some sort of foresight is necessary to manifest what you desire.

You want so badly to go forward; don’t allow yourself to be vengeful regarding the past. You are entering the better part of your transition and you can put an end to the sleepless nights and nightmares with realistic choices. Forget about it; just chill. This New Moon is here to help you restore balance and harmony to your life which has been rather off-kilter for quite some time. Contemplate your future moves because very soon the changes will be coming at a dizzying pace.

The last nine months have sent you forward without a clue as to how to reach your goals. This New Moon brings a wish that helps you to know there is a light at the end of the tunnel. You have had to learn moderation in several aspects of life; if you haven’t and you have been trying to maintain the status quo, then you may be in for some surprises later. Delays are gone around legal matters and papers which need to be signed. You will be receiving some important news; look it over and weigh your options carefully before signing on the dotted line.

A gift, a reward, for a job well done may be coming from the Universe at this time.  You are in a good place now compared to this time period last year. Hold onto your good memories of the past and do not allow yourself to feel defeated by the bad ones. Prepare to cut it loose and be done.

For many, the promise of new love coming your way will be real. Sometimes, it takes a little work and it definitely requires taking a chance. You may be surprised by what you find. Life is an adventure; keep your faith in the Universe. Have fun, and play things easy when you can, for by the Full Moon you will be moving on. Better things await you!

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