Through the Eyes of Tarot – Venus in Capricorn – January 23 through February 17, 2016

Notice that shift in energy? It is time to get serious and back down to business. I don’t think Venus in Sagittarius was conducive to carrying out resolutions or getting down to brass tacks. So, this Capricorn energy will help motivate you on both the love and money fronts.

Stability in one or both of these areas has been your focus in recent months. You are rebuilding your life from the ground up, so you need to have a great deal of patience with yourself and your current situations. You will have the opportunity to relax soon enough. Currently, you need to gather your most trusted allies and fortify your position. There will be more passion in your life now with respect to your goals; you have been gathering the proper knowledge to help you progress forward. 2012, 2013, and 2014 dealt you some heavy blows; then 2015 seemed to come in for the knockout punch.  It has left you a little leery of what you can accomplish.  Do not doubt yourself; this is your year to recuperate.  It is important to maintain a balance of emotions throughout this process.

The struggles for change have been real, but now you are able to light the fire for your new beginning, especially after Mercury goes direct on the 25th.  Seek cooperation from those trusted allies I mentioned, and even your foes will fall into place in due time. There are lessons to be learned here; your beliefs have certainly been tested. This new start coming your way will give you a more youthful, carefree feeling and a great deal of clarity. Finally, you understand what you will allow in your life. As you cut away what does not serve you any longer, it encourages growth and abundance with what will provide happiness for many years to come.

Your adventures are nothing short of karmic here. You can end the battles and forge new plans which will allow you a little room to dream of the possibilities. Put your past to rest by taking care of the details, and then put together that to-do list, that bucket list, that list of goals, and start working on creating the life you really deserve.

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