Full Moon in Scorpio – Friday, April 22, 2016 – 1:23am EDT

This Full Moon in Scorpio can certainly feel like an intense one. There is a huge release here, which honestly could cause you to shed a tear or two. But, I do not think this is bad at all. I really feel they are tears from letting go of something which was good at one time, but ultimately caused a great deal of pain. Your life has been totally shaken to the core and you will need to remember to take care of yourself and put yourself first now. It is a time to curb your generosity and not be off saving the world. Hmmmm…interesting words, but it seems that it is finally your turn and this new cycle has been a long time coming. Remember to tweak all of your ongoing plans over the next three months while Mars is retrograde and you will be able to unveil them in quite possibly July.

Perseverance to regain control of your life leaves you a little tired, but know that this grueling chapter will soon reach its end. Life itself is always in transition, but this new one which is coming is very important as it in no way resembles any part of your former life. Your prayers can be answered here; work on the issues that you need to and set aside the ones you can do later. Your happiness is at stake and you are so ready for it; it is part of the plan for your future.

Pay close attention to information coming your way right now; Scorpio has a way of digging up more than you may have bargained for in the long run. This new phase you are entering is going to transpire at a rapid pace over the next three months, even with so many retrograde planets. Freedom is in sight and when you reach the tail end of June, beginning of July, you can see that there is a future which awaits you. Then you can turn your back on all the stress and prepare for the next leg of your journey.

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  1. Thanks so much for this post Cecelia… it helped to confirm what has been coming up, to put self first and to “curb the generosity”… that I’ve allowed to deplete me. <3

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