Full Moon in Sagittarius 29degrees – Monday, June 20, 2016 7:02am EDT

No sense worrying about the changes which are coming or trying to hide from them. They are here and some are happening at a rapid pace; it is important to have some sort of vision for your changes even if you do not know where you are truly headed. You may feel as though you are on Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride as the Universe sends you forward with a huge push. This is a moment of rebirth for you and it may be a very humbling experience as you are now much wiser to the ways of the Universe.

The time has come to amaze the onlookers with the feats you have managed to pull off; be fair and honest as you eliminate the unnecessary through your newly acquired wisdom. Rejoice in your ablities to manifest and persevere as you move along to close doors and complete cycles with tremendous success over the next three months.

The hard times have been extremely challenging for you, but you are still putting in the efforts necessary to move away from all of that for good. Your rewards will manifest themselves in the coming months as your karma is on the move. Pay attention to the signs around you; there are many and the Universe would like to throw a little bit of good luck your way. Remain calm as there is still much work to be done.

Always work with the cycles of the Moon. You are working toward happiness and fulfillment which will bring some much-needed change to your life. There may need to be a few concessions or compromises along the way, but the rewards bestowed upon you in return by the Universe shall make it all worthwhile. Your next stop is the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in September. What you achieve between this Full Moon and the one in September sets the tone for a long time to come.

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