Full Moon in Capricorn – Tuesday, July 19, 2016 6:56pm EST

After navigating a maze of obstacles for the first six months of the year, July’s Full Moon in Capricorn ushers in the traction you have needed to face all of your stressors head on and begin to break free from them. After years of the same old crumbling existence, you are finally able to realize that you can regain control of your life to effect a new beginning. This is exciting! News coming your way at this time puts you back in the drivers seat to regaining some much needed balance in your life. Some of you will need to sign various legal documents to really get this show on the road; monies may need to be exchanged and it is possible some disbursements will also be made.

The new beginning which you seek is one which revolves around maintaining a secure existence. This can come through finances, family, job and relationships. There are some very creative undertakings here and you are finally feeling as though you have the cooperation of the Universe to help you achieve the necessary movement. Patience and balance with all of these things is required, but you will continue to pick up speed as the delays which held you back for so long continue to dissipate. There is a great deal of information to be handled and more than the usual amount of communication involved in what transpires. All messages received are important, whether they are for you or not. Do pay attention to the synchronicities around you, as there are definitely no coincidences.

You will begin to realize that you are calming the stormy seas of your life and that your goals are within reach. Again, the proverbial light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel appears to arrive by October and that is when you can put all of this behind you. Change is on the horizon and soon you will find yourself breaking free; you will feel chained to the stressors for a little while longer, but knowing that they are on their way out of your life for good. You have learned so much through these situations, but mostly about yourself and your self worth. You are mightier than you have given yourself credit and your new-found knowledge will take you far in the years to come.

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