The Path You’ve Chosen – July, 2016

This is my mid-month supplement to the July Astro-Tarot. As Mars continues to move forward, you feel more prepared to rise to the challenges which have been daunting for so long. Rules and regulations and doing everything by the book have a tendency to get in the way and slow down the process, when all you really want to do is be done with it. Patience, your life is gradually beginning to show some form of balance and wishes being fulfilled, however, perhaps not as you originally thought they would be. This actually has you taking a different view on life as you know, and maybe even coming to the realization that the Universe has been holding you up with a particular issue, so that you would shift your focus to the root of the matter. Now is a good time to straighten out your finances and wipe the slate clean for anything you can. Frugality with spending and avoiding unnecessary large purchases appears to be in your best interest at this time.

Before this season is over, you will have managed to close one or two doors and also be able to open at least one. Having grown weary of the status quo, perhaps you have adopted the “that’s not what I want” attitude, which is fine if you are being realistic. However, if you are still clinging to an old wish or perception, this may give you some difficulty. Change is in the air and you need to be on board with these changes. Visions of sunshine and happiness are not so far fetched as you prepare, not just for a new chapter, but an entirely different life.

Focus toward matters of the home are extremely important. While you may be nurturing toward those who are close to you, the possibility for disappointments and disillusionment from others seems to be peaking. This can also be around the workfront, so be mindful of the extra burdens as someone may continue heaping more responsibility upon you each day. However, organization is the key; maintain clarity of mind and keep your priorities straight and any extra load which comes your way will be manageable.

Something lost and something gained, and more is on the way. There is always potential for new opportunities and new beginnings on the horizon. You must be wise enough to keep your focus positive and pay attention to the messages around you. What you are hoping for isn’t here quite yet, but it is making its way toward you. In the interim, go forth and be kind, do not allow your thoughts to bog you down and hold you back from the exciting changes which await you. Your life is truly experiencing a complete rebirth which will arrive after the Equinox.

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