Through the Eyes of Tarot – Uranus Retrograde – July 29, 2016 through December 29, 2016

Be ready for the unexpected! You will need to do your best to remain grounded and maintain a steady pace as everything around you quickens. So much for the muck of the last five months; August may very well prove to be a surprise-a-minute, and that is only the beginning as this retrograde lasts until year’s end. You will be able to find new and practical approaches to issues which have seemingly haunted you forever. Your life is beginning to take on a new vision and it will include various new commitments, whether they be related to work or personal life. You are feeling better equipped to defend your territory; think of the issues of your life as a game of tug-of-war; how much time there was spent trying to keep from being buried in that mud. Now you are winning and rising to the challenges as you gain a foothold and see that real progress is possible. Remember, slow and steady wins the race, but changes over the next five months will be swirling around you and surely keeping you busy.

Success over stress is on the horizon and you will begin to feel your emotions stabilize. Dump what no longer serves you and refill your life with the positive blessings which the Universe has to offer. Extend your generosity and kindness to others who may need a helping hand; you have learned so much in recent years, mostly about yourself and what you are truly capable of doing. The unknown which you feared gradually becomes the known and you can see where you are trying to go now. Pause and reflect on the messages you receive, and you shall see how the events of the past are all connected, not just in your life, but the lives of others as well, and how they have all led to this moment. Many of you may relocate your place of residence during this retrograde, and those who do not, shall find that they have created a happier space in which to live.

Uranus, the planet of surprise, will certainly throw in a few along the way. However, with each passing day, you are achieving greater clarity and organization in your life. Whether it be personal finances or business ventures, you are making great strides in the financial arena which will eventually put you on more secure footing. Whatever has rocked your world in recent years is going away and you are like the hero in the action movie, with the bombs going off behind him, stepping away from the nonsense and feeling fresh as a daisy. Security is your biggest focus in life for some time to come, for when things imploded, whether it was emotional, mental, financial, physical, or all of these, you are vowing to create a more stable future for yourself.

It will be as though the prison doors have blasted open and finally you are free to go. There may not be much left to take with you; do not worry if you pack light, for you will begin to feel more carefree than you can even remember. Success on your part does not go unnoticed; your peers, your fans, your family, your friends, pretty much everyone is standing up and taking notice of your accomplishments. Remain humble and balanced; the adventure continues and you will be venturing into unknown territory. Take your time and enjoy the view; you never know with whom your path may cross. No longer are you venturing forth in the darkness, and your path is brightly lit. Remember to take the time out to just be occasionally as you will be on this part of your journey for quite some time.

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