Love and Finance Tarot Guidance – September, 2016

Welcome to September, the game-changing month of the year. This month will feature two more eclipses, as well as Mercury’s continued retrograde, the Fall/Winter equinox, another Saturn/Neptune square and much, much more. Listen to your September Love and Finance Tarot Guidance below:

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Last Month’s Tarot Guidance:

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  1. I’ve been on a massive journey the last 50 years of PTSD all healed and gone. 7 years of trying to commit suicide because I just didn’t belong here. 2 years of intense soul searching and forgiveness even when my family and friends said stop we are afraid we will lose you again I kept going working on me and my journey and then on 6-16-16 I had my awakening into bliss! I’ve been inhaling all the knowledge I can get my hands on and now I am forming my path my mission in this new life of mine that I built! I did finally peek out that doorway of being home bound by fear for 10 yrs into HELLO WORLD IM HERE! Ready to share my Love,Light And Wisdom to All! I finally belong to soemthing that I remember as a vastness of love and knowledge that belongs to all of us! Thank you for the reassurance and guidance thru your readings! Alice

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