Through the Eyes of Tarot – Venus in Aquarius – February 17 through March 12

Doors are going to start opening; you have been feeling like this wounded bird which wants to fly again, but is very afraid, perhaps a little skeptical of its abilities. Give yourself credit for what you are capable of doing for you are experiencing the birth of a new cycle in your life. It is time to get out of that cage of fear you have built for yourself and dive right on in, it may even be fun. Now, since we are talking Venus here, if love for you has been a battlefield riddled with defeat, get out there and mingle. It is a good time to meet new people. This is Venus saying to you that you need to let your light shine again. You have too much compassion and love to give others and your time has come to emerge from the shadows.

You may not know what awaits you down the road, or around the bend, but you are finally ready to move on and do it. This is great as you finally receive the clarity and the organization to make positive progress for your future. It is as if you have been given the keys to the kingdom and do not know which door in the castle you wish to try first. Apply wisdom with these changes; you need to maintain your vision beyond the moment at hand in order to make your changes be positive and effective. Finally, you are at peace with everything you need to do and you are on your way.

It is amazing what you can do when you finally have the right state of mind. Stand your ground and do not let idle temptations deter you from your goals. Make sure that any guidance which you seek does not distort your reality. Pause and catch your breath for a moment, because things are about to get crazy. You will be doing things you have never done before, however, you will find that you pull them off without a hitch. Keep an eye out for opportunites coming your way and be prepared for an adventure.

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