Through the Eyes of Tarot – Mercury in Aquarius – February 13 through March 5

Do not let yourself be defined by your past; it will haunt you and hold you back if you let it. Break out of the humdrum and dance if you want to; it is time to restore balance to your life. You are definitely at your crossroads, but there only appears to be one way to go…what!!! You can do this!

It is time to put an end to stressful situations of which you have grown tired. Follow the signs which the Universe is laying in front of you. Do not be hasty in your actions; stay focused and determined. Put an end to the struggles now and understand the concept of time and how valuable yours is to you. This has been a difficult transition and you are coming to the end of a chapter which needs to be put to rest. Your life has been torn apart, but you have survived. The time has come for rebuilding.

Work on that nest egg and maintain your vision for the future. Apply all of your new-found wisdom to the task of getting things done to bring about the changes you need. Do not let anything stop you from making progress now; you have been patient long enough. That out-of-conrol beast in your life is now complying and you can once again feel in charge. Be ready for a rebirth as a cycle in life ends and a new one is ready to begin.

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