Card of the Day – Ace of Pentacles – Thursday, February 25, 2016

The Universe is wise and loving. (I think I just borrowed this from Nadiya Shah; check out her store.) The feel-good energy coming to you this week from the Universe just keeps on rolling. There are a few goodies the Universe has up its sleeve. Be prepared to receive. Will you hit the lottery? I doubt it, but I do feel some marvelous things are trying to happen for you if you use this energy wisely.

Now is the time to manifest what you need. Exactly what might that be? For some it is a new job, business, home, or relationship. Others need to sell a business, a house, or perhaps something else of value. This is what you need to be working on now; it is time to make progress, especially in the areas of financial opportunity. The Universe is giving its blessing to get the job done; accept the blessings and do what you is necessary.  Your future is drawing closer every day.

See you here tomorrow!

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Source: Tarot of the Pirates

This card was last seen January 1, 2016

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