Card of the Day – 10 of Cups – Tuesday, July 12, 2016

This is our Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy! card, and I would not be realistic if I said everyone was in for a dose of happiness and fulfillment today. The 10 of Cups especially represents joy around the home and fulfillment in these matters. Some of you may be working on new living arrangements which are very exciting for you, and others may be choosing to spend today around family and loved ones. Always, always be positive, and trust me today is not an easy day for me to do that.

I do not even remember what the video says, at this point, but today I want to remind everyone to love one another and be kind. Always be kind. Please keep the families in your prayers all around this world who have lost their loved ones recently. Pray for peace.

See you here tomorrow!

Thanks in advance for your share!❤️

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This card was last seen May 23, 2016

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  1. Good morning Cecelia

    I’m in need of your guidance badly [☹]

    I’m trying to stay positive but everywhere I turn I’m faced with negativity, I feel my family will be separated and I don’t want that!! but I don”t want to be feeling like every problem is my fault.

    I’m hoping for my happy happy joy joy moment and it seems to be passing me by without any joy.

    Is there anything I can do to fix this?

    I’m feeling lost and need some light


    Anne-Marie Polack

    a keen follower of yours



  2. Dearest Cecelia;

    You say it is not easy for you to do that at this time. Always remember, many of us respect and love you dearly. Drew on the positive energy we send you during and always everyday. I can’t imagine my life without your guidance each day and the positive changes as a result of the Universe bringing you into my life and I definitely know for a fact that I am by far not the only one who feels this way about you and the amazing gift we are so blessed to have you share with us.

    Sending much positive energy lovely and thoughts of peace and abundance.

    Blessings always; Linda

    Sent from my iPad


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