Card of the Day – Queen of Cups – Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Looks like it is Cups again today. This is a Tarot card of a young Elizabeth Taylor. So, the themes continue with maintaining calm and balanced emotions. I can’t help but think there is something interesting taking place this week. Mercury has left shadow and the eclipses of March 8 and 23 have been showing signs of impending changes in everyones lives. How does one remain centered and prevent an uprising of emotion when there is apparently so much going on in the Universe? There is a great deal of compassion to be found here as well. One can only hope that all of the love sentiment being displayed recently for Valentine Day continues to spill forth into daily lives with unconditional love for humanity.

I can’t help but think that with the King and Queen of Cups back to back like this that some of you are finally finding that emotional balance and security to help you through each day. Truly, life seems to be improving, so you should be able to whistle while you work.

See you here tomorrow!

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Source: The Secret Language of Birds Tarot

This card was last seen November 8, 2015

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